Why this site?

Over the past three decades, I’ve had the privilege of working at some of the world’s best business schools and working with some the world’s most-recognized companies.

From these experiences has come an intense interest about how technology is changing the world, how innovation works, how ideas move through organizations, how talent is developed, and how leadership makes a difference (or not). My day job at one of the most interesting and successful business schools in the world (Professor at IMD) has recently involved me in offering thoughts and insights about Business Strategy, Innovation, Globalization,  Great Teams, China, and the like, on "private" blog spaces for the programs that we are delivering, and I have become fascinated by the art of blogging.

I also admit to having a penchant for speculation, from which, hopefully, new ideas for professional consumption begin. This blog site is an effort to put both sides of this life together, in one place, so that I can better manage the connections. It is also meant to be a "prototyper" site, which means that everything that appears here is a "protoype" meant for debate, dissection and improvement. Over the past few years, I've become an avid prototyper in everything I do; something that I first learned from my good friend Andy Boynton (Dean of the Carroll School of Management at Boston College), as well as the folks at IDEO.