Friday, March 23, 2007

China's most admired firms

Fortune Magazine has recently published its list of "Most Admired Companies" and eight are included from China:China Mobile Communications; China Telecommunications; Shanghai Baosteel Group; China State Construction; China National Petroleum; Sinopec; China Railway Engineering; China Railway Construction. While there is no doubt that several of these are very ambitious, big-branded enterprises, with global aspirations [e.g., Baosteel, China Mobile & Telecom, and Sinopec], certainly not all of would be included amongst the firms that I consider are going to be taking China into the future. Where are the Huawei's, and Haier's, and the rest of the high-tech, globally-visible players that are typically referred to when speaking about China's future global reach?
Why is it that the financial analysts and executives and directors at the "347 companies with revenue in excess of $8 billion," that the Hay Group surveyed in assembling this list did not include these more "cutting-edge" firms?

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