Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Score it as an Error at Fenway

One night this week, thanks to ourDriving Strategic Innovation partners at MIT's Sloan School, and as a result of the generosity of the folks at Entercom Broadcasting [sports radio: WEEI], I had the opportunity to stand on the playing field at Boston's Fenway Park and watch batting practice up-close. For a baseball fan, this may be as close to heaven as you can get, even if it was Red Sox' park and not Yankee Stadium :-)

Among the other few visitors on the field at the same time was a fellow who self-described himself to me as a "golf pro at a local club." Coincidentally, it turned out that among our DSI group was the director of R&D for a major golf equipment company. I pointed this out to my new golf pro acquaintance and then stood back to watch him take advantage of this amazing opportunity. To my chagrin, and then frustration, he chose not to pursue what just might have been an Idea Hunter's dream. What an error!

Idea Hunters believe that ideas are everywhere, but you have to hunt them. I literally lost sleep that night regretting the missed opportunity. The Red Sox turned out to be winners, but my fear is that in some small way, Golf lost.

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