Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tips from Idea-Hunters: Travelling While At Home

"I'm most effective when I'm on the road; I get more done when I travel." This insight was shared with me by a European chemical industry executive who observed that most of his good ideas came when he was traveling and had a different schedule of time than he did at home. This made ample sense to me, as when I'm on the road I wake-up earlier, and start the day by going on-line, in the utter peace that only an early morning can provide --to peruse a number of sites that I'm often too busy to read on a normal day at home. The question then became in his mind: "How do I work more like when I'm travelling, even though I'm at home?"

My chemical industry friend eventually arrived at the following conclusion: "So, now I've adjusted my days at home to be more like the best parts of my days on the road." Me too! I thought that this was such good advice that I now start each day --whether at home or on the road -- in the same way. It might mean that I have to arise earlier than usual when I am at home, but the idea-payoff certainly appears to be richer in return.

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Gookul Grammar said...

Philosophically speaking, "God" delivers our share of idea every now and then. There is no connection between driving and idea generation, as much as there is connection between a serene mind and idea generation. However, there can be a connection between a serene mind and driving.